Securency Capital team

Our mission is to deliver simple, secure, and user-friendly financial services, ensuring clarity, confidence, and results for our clients. Our platform is powered by cutting-edge technology, the lowest operating costs, and the best customer service.

Behind our state-of-the-art brokerage platform is a timeless principle at the heart of what we do — we work hard to earn your trust each and every day. For Securrency Capital, transparency, security, and efficiency are non-negotiable. These are the real tools of our trade and a source of pride for us as professionals.

Our day-to-day operations and decisions are driven by creativity, service, and a commitment to excellence. Our interactions with people, internally and externally, are based on integrity and authenticity.

This is a critical time for the region, the industry, and our company. Blockchain adoption is gathering momentum with each passing day. Blockchain technology has already had a significant impact on the future of money, finance, supply chain management and other sectors. But this powerful innovation must be harnessed responsibly to connect markets and create genuine financial freedom. This is a responsibility we take seriously.

Our vision places Securrency Capital at the center of a new, interconnected global marketplace, where data is private and secure and exceptional customer service is ensured by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

  • Many companies set out to change the world.
  • Very few make any kind of an impact.
  • We’re the lucky ones.
  • We want to transform global financial markets by making it easier for you to manage your money.

Let’s change the way the world moves money— together.

Amir Tabch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer