Any trading activity in the financial markets involves a certain degree of risk and it is important that you are aware of these risks and consider them in making financial decisions or take financial advice from qualified financial professionals before doing so.

All investments are subject to risk of the price (of the investment) changing. The price may go up or down and you may end up gaining or losing money. There is a possibility that you may lose all the money that you have invested.

A tokenized financial instrument is the digital representation of a financial instrument which is custodied by Securrency Capital on behalf of its clients.

The price of a tokenized financial instrument may vary from the prices of the custodied financial instrument on different exchanges.

We may enter into agreements with market makers (including affiliated companies) to provide market making for products listed on the Securrency Capital platform.

We have instituted controls in place to ensure that the market marker’s activities are segregated from those of Securrency Capital, and that one firm cannot unduly influence the other.

The market marker will provide quotes for requests made by clients of Securrency Capital but is not required to provide a quote at a specific price.

One market marker may not be the only price provider and there may be other market makers who will provide quotes.

Securrency Capital will ensure best execution to client based on price and time precedence i.e. lowest price to buy and highest price to sell and if the prices are tied the earliest price displayed is applied first.

Corporate actions such as dividends on underlying financial instruments will be processed to the proportional benefit of the client holding the tokenized instrument.

Prices of tokenized financial instruments rely on an active market and the prices of an instrument may vary based on the active market trading hours.

The price of financial instruments including tokenized financial instruments may be affected by factors such as interest rates and inflation. These factors are beyond the control of the firm.

The prices of financial instruments may change rapidly over a period of time such that there may a difference in price from the time you decide to make a sale/purchase and the time that the transaction actually takes place.

The availability of buyers/sellers for financial instruments may change over a period of time such that there may not be a significant number of buyers/sellers for a particular financial instrument at a point in time.

The dissemination of news of a particular company or industry may affect the price of the financial instrument of that company or a company belonging to that industry.

Securrency Capital is a technology enabled financial services firm and any impact to the technology of the company in terms of its availability or integrity may impact your ability to trade through the platform