They present two broad groups of products that we will be offering at the launch. Later-on we can add pages on payment modules, metaverse services, etc.

Regulated digital marketplace for tokenized securities

Once we have it available, we add links to onboarding/trading platform across this page or at the bottom, as a call to action. For now, we can ask reader to sign up for waiting list.

tokenized Stocks

Trade tokenized Stocks and ETFs

Trade tokenized stocks and ETFs, available from NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE and other Global and GCC exchanges.
From finance to technology, dividend to high growth stocks, Securrency Capital will provide you with trading accesses and real-time data to help you achieve your trading goals.

Received stable returns through Fixed Income

Invest in bonds using tokenized fixed income instruments for a fraction of the market’s normal minimum nominal quantities. We provide a user-friendly online platform where you may buy/sell government and corporate fixed income instruments, analyze your assets, and monitor bond markets from any location.


Diversify portfolio with private market investments

Unlock the power of private markets with Securrency Capital’s selected private market products. Using our extensive network of partnerships, we will offer a wide range of investment alternatives, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, pre-IPO companies, credit, and alternative assets.

Take away the need to find and select assets by using Managed Products

Invest in Managed Funds, ETFs and Indices and reap the benefit of using product specialists to manage your portfolio selection for you.

Why trade tokenized securities? 

  • Available to trade 24/7/365 days a year
  • Permits fractionalization, hence enhancing affordability by allowing investments in divisible, fractional asset values of expensive assets
  • Tokenization guarantees immutable openness and accountability by providing a transparent record of transactional and historical data
  • Enables borderless access by listing previously illiquid assets and facilitating smooth secondary market trading 
  • Enables faster transaction processing at a reduced cost due to smart contracts’ efficiency in asset transfer
  • Ensures better price discovery of illiquid, alternative and private assets >